About Yash Mohanty Dogra

Yash Mohanty Dogra, a poet and author residing in Bangalore, Karnataka, has recently taken the literary world by storm with his latest book, “The Human Side.” With a multifaceted background as a Digital Project Manager and PMP®️ Certified professional, Yash brings a wealth of experience in various fields, including medical communications, technology support, LMS/LRS Application Development Technology Support, e-Modules development, and mobile applications development.

For Yash, writing is an innate quality that resides within the core of his being. He believes that becoming an author entails dedication, sincerity, and a profound sense of responsibility. While he never envisioned himself as an author initially, he regards it as a prestigious pursuit. Yash recognises that writing is a gateway to accessing and understanding the emotions that often lay dormant within us. It is through the act of writing that he discovers and unravels the depths of his own emotional landscape. He embraces the clash of words, the process of composing his thoughts, and the compassion that emanates from his written creations. Writing stories allows him to crystallise his experiences and articulate his hopes, dreams, and memories.

Yash’s journey as a writer began at the tender age of 12 when he wrote his first poem for his school magazine. Filled with a Heart of Innocence, he crafted a simple rhyming sequence of words, unaware of the profound impact it would have on his life. Since then, whenever he finds himself wrestling with inner thoughts, he skilfully shuffles the words within his mind and transcribes them onto paper. Whether experiencing moments of joy or navigating through difficult times, writing becomes his solace and salvation, offering a channel to express his deepest feelings and thoughts.

“The Human Side,” Yash’s latest literary masterpiece, delves into the intricate complexities of human nature. Through poignant storytelling and a keen eye for detail, he explores the tapestry of emotions, relationships, and personal growth. Each page of the book invites readers to reflect on their own experiences and connect with the shared essence of humanity.

Yash Mohanty Dogra is not only a talented poet and author but also a compassionate individual dedicated to touching hearts and minds through his writing. With his comprehensive knowledge and proficiency in medical sciences, information technology, and design, Yash possesses a unique ability to conceptualize and deliver compelling medical communications. His expertise, coupled with his exceptional problem-solving skills and unwavering commitment to continuous learning, ensures that he consistently exceeds customer expectations.

As Yash forges ahead on his literary journey, readers eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his writing career. With each piece he pens, Yash unveils the depths of the human side, resonating with readers and inspiring them to embrace their own emotions and experiences. Through his evocative words, Yash Mohanty Dogra continues to captivate and uplift audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the literary world.

INDIAN ICON AWARDS in the category of *India’s Most Impactful Young Author and Writer*.

Received from Dr. Kiran Bedi – Former Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry. First woman in India to join the officer ranks of the Indian Police Service (IPS). A living legend.

INDIA EXCELLENCE AWRDS in the category of *Innovative Author of the Year*
Received from Amrita Rao is an Indian actress who primarily works in Hindi films. Rao made her acting debut with Ab Ke Baras (2002), which earned her a nomination for Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut.